It was all good just a week ago. Shit, even a day ago. That’s until this teen, who is apparently into really normal teen things like flashing cash on Instagram, posting rap lyrics online, playing video games (you know, things internet babies do), was arrested and deemed a terrorist. It all started when Cameron D’Ambrosio, […]

BEWARE! The FED’s is watchin’. VIDEO: BEHIND THE SCENES: Watch French Montana & Nicki Minaj Get Freaky On Set Of “Freaks”  A man in Massachusetts is facing child abuse and neglect charges because of his 9-year-old son’s gangster rapper image. Luis Rivera says his son, Luis Rivera Jr., is not guilty of doing anything but […]

The unbelievably perfect Mila Kunis is featured in April’s GQ as she is about to costar in the upcoming movie, ‘Datenight,’ with Tina Fey and Steve Carell. Mila has been dating Macaulay Culkin for eight years, but during her interview she discussed ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ costar Jason Segal’s package. If you saw ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall’ […]