A Florida woman in Polk County has passed away after a strange incident. 31-year-old April Rollison was previously arrested on drug charges, her body soon going into “medical distress,” according to reports. Rollison was taken to Bartow Regional Medical Center after “two foreign bodies” were found in her “vaginal area.” BayNews9 reports: While Rollison was […]

Controversy erupted when needle exchange programs were first implemented to stop the spread of disease. Giving away free and clean syringes to heroin users seemed absolutely ridiculous to many but is now pretty much universally accepted and the same path may now be taken for crack pipes. Apparently some folks in the San Francisco area have […]

Lamar Odom just can’t catch a break right now! Though he recently assured the world that he’s just fine, has no drug addiction, and is in contact with his wife Khloe Kardashian, the blogosphere won’t let it go – most recently suggesting that the former LA Clippers baller is trying to make homemade crack pipes. […]