A town in south-west Germany is going through some serious issues. According to a YouTube clip, Staufen is literally splitting apart, with huge cracks running through buildings and everything. Apparently, the government was boring into the area for geothermic energy, but the groundwater combined with a layer of anhydrite to form gypsum. All of this […]

A recent report in the Sunday Times has Black Twitter outraged after making the appalling claim that Black in fact does crack. Dr. Thobeka Cele, a general practitioner based in Johannesburg who also provides aesthetic treatments, says that the most popular treatments requested by her Black clients include Botox, fillers, and cellulite treatments, as well […]

A Florida woman in Polk County has passed away after a strange incident. 31-year-old April Rollison was previously arrested on drug charges, her body soon going into “medical distress,” according to reports. Rollison was taken to Bartow Regional Medical Center after “two foreign bodies” were found in her “vaginal area.” BayNews9 reports: While Rollison was […]

Jeremy Renner and Michael K. Williams star in the dramatic thriller Kill The Messenger, which follows journalist Gary Webb as he discovers information from the real Freeway Ricky Ross to expose the CIA’s role in the crack epidemic in Los Angeles. We sat down with Jeremy Renner to talk about his role, particularly the amazing scene where his character Gary […]

Well, we never thought we’d see this coming. There’s been some odd items put in vending machines before, but crackpipes definitely take the cake. A vending machine located in downtown Vancouver has become the first to sell crackpipes, but their reasoning doesn’t seem too illogical, since it’s to try and help decrease the spread of […]

Controversy erupted when needle exchange programs were first implemented to stop the spread of disease. Giving away free and clean syringes to heroin users seemed absolutely ridiculous to many but is now pretty much universally accepted and the same path may now be taken for crack pipes. Apparently some folks in the San Francisco area have […]

A shocking new video of Lamar has surfaced, showing the former NBA baller looking intoxicated...