Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter SZA is teaming up with Crocs to bring awareness to mental health. Learn more about the shoe brand's first-ever collaboration and how they're celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month inside.

Crocs can stir up some strong emotions, and a lot of them tend to be negative depending on who you ask. Comedic dancer Josh Killacky is trying to take away the stigma with some fire dance moves executed with the clunky shoes. Watch all that Crocs have to offer in the clip below!   Are you […]

Crocs may not be the most stylish shoes, but they are definitely selling like they’re hotter than Jordans! The Colorado-based business has announced that their full-year revenue for 2011 will surpass $1 billion! YES! You read that right, O-N-E B-I-L-L-I-O-N DOLLARS! STORY: One Ton Crocodiles & Other Crazy Animals Found on Earth! The fashion world […]

Nothing beats getting drunk. I mean I’m sure some celebrities like to do the hard stuff but honestly a good drink or 20 with a few friends is always fun. Especially when you’re a celebrity. Over the weekend I had a ‘hangover time‘ with my friends from Atlanta. While I won’t go into too much […]


It was an eventful year for President Obama so GG has complied some of the most fascinating snapshot moments from The White House, the First Family, President Obama and the world around him.