<p>Kara Tointon is the latest buxom vixen to strut her stuff and like most of her British predecessors she looks damn good.&nbsp; No wonder so many of our America girls are getting silicon uplifts.&nbsp; If Kara represents the typical island girl we just couldn’t compete au natural.&nbsp; I say on average because we have our […]

<p>Amanda Seyfried has come a long way.&nbsp; I remember when I did my first blog post on her it was hard to even find a picture of her in a bikini.&nbsp; Now she has completely stripped, and I mean totally for her new movie "Chloe".&nbsp; Not that I am against this mind you.&nbsp; I am […]

<p>First let me thank Girl Watcher for sending me the twitter feed yesterday about Jessica Robinson.&nbsp; I was unaware of her and I am not sure that my life would have been complete without viewing some of these photos.&nbsp; Second do us all a favor and please head over to the Playboy SE site and […]

<p>Cheryl Cole might have made her name in "Girls Aloud" but she is very quickly leaving them behind.&nbsp; I guess if you are going to get a view of Cheryl that is about as good as the next one.&nbsp; She is smoking hot from any angle.</p>

<p>This time around Ashley Greene is taking her clothes off but doing it for a magazine.&nbsp; Her latest photo spread for Men’s Fitness has her in some sultry poses but they are not quite as revealing as her internet leaked home photos from a few months ago.</p>