Eniko Hart

“To the guy who put his hand on my chest when I was trying to bum-rush the stage, you did a good job.”

Kevin Hart gets ahead of a possible scandal by confessing to his mistakes.

Kevin Hart is sounding off on drama between his ex wife, Torrei Hart, and his current wife, Eniko Hart. Torrei has stood by her claims that Kevin and Eniko started dating while she was still married to Kevin. But Eniko explained in an Instagram comment that Torrei and Kevin were separated when she started getting […]

Kevin Hart‘s current wife, Eniko Hart, had time to check an Instagram follower insinuating she broke up Kevin’s last marriage. Eniko insisted Kevin and his ex-wife Torrei Hart were already separated when she became romantic with Kevin. She even called out Torrei in a comment saying, “Those rumors were spread from her years ago because […]

Things got extra shady on social media for two women with one comedian in common. Eniko Hart, Kevin Hart‘s current wife, and Torrei Hart, Kevin Hart’s ex-wife, had a war of words for the world to read. It all started when rumors swirled that Eniko got involved with Kevin when he was still married to […]