You’d be surprised how quick some millennials will give a stranger a kiss, or $100 cash.

If you’ve ever wondered what Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s “Finesse” video would sound like if you stripped it of all audio, here’s your chance to hear for yourself. The hilarious @TheKosmic8 replaced the music video’s music with what he thinks the set really sounded like. The results will leave you in stitches. Check it […]

Youtube star Desmond Dennis is back at it again with his epic covers. This time he’s taking us to church with his remix to Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s “Finesse”. That boy good.   Haven’t seen the original video? Hit the flip and we got you.

Alex Aiona is no stranger to music mashups. The talented singer has been performing since his early teens and throughout his career, he’s released cover songs on YouTube that have gained millions of views. With a record deal with Interscope and a new track with T-Pain, we’ll surely be seeing Alex’s face in the future. […]

Someone was brilliant enough to create a female rap mashup version of Bruno Mars‘ “Finesse” Remix featuring Cardi B. Low key, the megamix maybe better than the original. It features Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim and more hip hop queens you’d never think you’d hear on a song together.     Hit us up on Facebook and […]

This week, the 90s came back full force with the music video release of Bruno Mar‘s “Finesse (Remix)” featuring Cardi B. Inspired by the classic comedy show In Living Color, the vid was full of baggy jeans, colorful getups and gold chains worthy of 1991. Here’s the clip if you missed it:   We were here for […]

The holiday season will certainly burn a hole in your pocket, if you let it. Not to mention that rent is due just a week after the holidays. In need of some extra cash? Check out this hilarious PSA by Guapdad 4000 to get your finesse levels up.     Get it? Got it? Good. […]