Frank Ocean and Chris Brown may have some unsettled drama in the Grammy air, but besides his bandaged hand, the Channel Orange singer showed no signs of any looming beef getting to him. PHOTOS: Frank Ocean Is Coined “The Self-Made Prince Of Pop” By NY Times Magazine Frank was all smiles as he hit the […]

The 55th Annual Grammy Awards are currently going down at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  PHOTOS: All The Pics You Need To See From The 2013 Grammys  And while last year’s awards were somewhat of a somber affair — due to the death of Whitney Houston that weekend — the pop music world seems to be […]

  Frank Ocean has made one thing clear: He doesn’t trust journalists, and he is not in the business of doing so, nor does he feel one morsel of remorse for his selective disdain.  And in an age of habitual over exposure, can we blame him?  STORY: Witnessing Music Producer Says Chris Tried To “Beat The […]

Last night, Frank Ocean got his fans’ stomach turning, when he posted a very graphic and close-up photo to his Instagram of his cut finger. The picture (posted below) shows every detail of the Channel Orange singer’s cut, which seems to be pretty deep, as well as what looks like the sheets of a hospital […]

Honestly, if we were being exact, the Grammy Awards would rename their Best New Artist category the Breakout Artist of the Year. Because, very rarely, are these artists actually new. A perfect example came last year. Bon Iver won the award for Best New Artist, even though he dropped a critically acclaimed album back in […]

Looks like Chris Brown was throwing more than fists during his altercation with Frank Ocean last week. DETAILS: Eff Street Justice! Frank Ocean Wants To Press Charges Against Chris Brown According to TMZ, Breezy might have been hurling some hurtful slurs at Frank as well: Frank Ocean told police he was called a “f**got” during […]

Frank Ocean has recently extended a hand of forgiveness to Chris Brown… via his blog at least but now the singer’s music producer is revealing what exactly went down the night of their brawl. On a forum blog, Michael Uzowuru who was with Frank that evening says the altercation was definitely over a parking spot. […]

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean recently made headlines when it was reported that they got into a scuffle that was allegedly over a parking spot outside of Westlake studios in LA. PHOTOS: Chris Brown Does It Again! Deletes His Entire Instagram Page! Now Frank is extending a hand of forgiveness… sort of. In a letter […]

We want to see your pom poms in the stands! DETAILS: Frank Ocean Wants To Press Charges Against Chris Brown  When he’s not fighting off Chris Brown in brazen attacks over studio parking spaces, Frank Ocean is selling records.  Besides getting nominated for multiple Grammys, Frank Ocean has more celebrating to do. The “Forrest Gump” singer’s debut […]

The fight that took place between Chris Brown and Frank Ocean this week left us all baffled and confused as to what exactly went down.  Frank has already spoken with the cops after briefly going to the hospital with some scratches from their fight, and now, Chris plans to talk to law enforcement.  PHOTOS: Chris Brown & […]

Frank Ocean broke Chris Brown‘s hand with his jaw!  DETAILS: Eff Street Justice! Frank Ocean Wants To Press Charges Against Chris Brown Chris was spotted coming out of his house with a huge cast on his right hand earlier today. The “Turn Up The Music” singer got into a brawl with the “Pyramids” singer earlier this […]

Chris Brown and Frank Ocean got into a fistfight last night according to reports, but their feud is far from new. BREAKING NEWS: Chris Brown Allegedly Punched Frank Ocean In The Face  If you haven’t heard, The “Look At Me Now” singer and the “Thinkin About You” crooner got into a scuffle over a parking […]