Infinity War

Hopefully you’re feeling better after watching Avengers Infinity War, this weekend. The movie was an extreme success and broke box offer records making over a 250 million dollars during it’s opening weekend. But did you know Mark Ruffalo spoiled the ending last year on Good Morning America? During Disney’s D23 Conference, The Hulk actor straight […]

Folks are saying Marvel may have the best Universe of all time.

Yes, people actually chase Chadwick down to give him the Wakandan salute.

Social media star Kingsley previewed this month’s big movie releases in his April 2018 movie guide. His picks include Blockers, which finds parents trying to stop their kids from having sex on prom night, and A Quiet Place, which he says is set in a “post-fucking-disaster” where people have to stay silent to avoid danger. Traffik with […]

You’ll get to see more Black Panther as Avengers Infinity Wars is going to hit theaters a week earlier. Marvel’s instagram account just playfully announced that they will be moving up the release date of Infinity War to April 27th. Iron Man actor, Robert Downey Jr replies Marvel comes back and says anything for you. […]