Someone may need to revisit their driving school days! Kim Kardashian was recently spotted finishing a great workout with trainer Tracy Anderson in Miami before heading to ‘Berries In The Grove’ to fulfill her smoothie craving with best friend Jonathan Cheban. LIST: Baby Bump Blues! 5 G.O.O.D. Reasons Kim Kardashian Should Get Pregnant NOW!  While the […]

Last night, the country sat in front of their televisions to hear President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. While our ears were being filled with inspiring words from our nation’s leader, Kim Kardashian was on her way to North Carolina to host an after party! LIST: PERFECT BITCH! 10 Rappers Besides Kanye Who Rap […]

After news broke that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are officially a couple, people have been curious as to how they got together.  As it turns out, the person taking credit for setting up these two superstars is none other than Kimmy’s BFF Jonathan Cheban. DETAILS: Bruce Jenner Doesn’t Approve Of KimYe’s Romantic Collaboration According to the NY […]

We can’t be mad at Jonathan Cheban’s taste in women! The Public Relations maven must have learned a thing or two from hanging around as Kim Kardashian‘s best friend, because the photos of Jonathan with what is presumed to be his new love interest show that he knows a pretty woman when he sees one! […]

Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend Kris Humphries have been spending lots of time together lately. With his NBA basketball season over until August, Kris has made Kim his first priority. Most recently, the couple was photographed at the valet station at Los Angeles’ swanky restaurant Boa.  Kim and Kris looked exceptionally happy while waiting on […]

Kim Kardashian and her NBA baller boyfriend Kris Humphries were booed up in Miami together this weekend. Kim and Kris just came back from a tropical Mexican vacay and now they’re back with a mini vacation in South Beach for the weekend. Kim and Kris were spotted shopping in Miami during the day and partying […]

<p><strong>Anti-gay pastor Grant Storms has been caught masturbating…</strong></p>

New York –  A controversial anti-abortion billboard in Soho aimed at African-American women and children is being pulled down after mass outrage from Black leaders.


Fear and laziness are the most immediate and primal instincts that drive human beings. From 9/11 America has learned to keel to the mercy of the scarlet schemed danger levels of terrorism although in the past year only less than 30 civilians have died from terrorism (non-combatant).  What the terror rainbow exacerbated was the American […]


Commercial pornography gets pretty blase in this day and age where everyone has access to the internet.  25% of the internet use is for pornography according to Nielson ratings in 2010.  Mainstream porn sites generally mix and match among the following buffet of options; money shots, double penetration, ATM, blow jobs, passed out college girls, […]


Was being raped part of God’s plan?  Apparently Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee of the Nevada Senate fervently believes so.  The pro-choice, pro-life debate is an ongoing issue that politicians battle with in order to sway voters, but it is an issue that cannot be resolved in an absolutist sense. Not only is Sharron Angle […]

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