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Fear and laziness are the most immediate and primal instincts that drive human beings. From 9/11 America has learned to keel to the mercy of the scarlet schemed danger levels of terrorism although in the past year only less than 30 civilians have died from terrorism (non-combatant).  What the terror rainbow exacerbated was the American vulnerability and the willingness to be docile when faced with fear. 

While on the global front, America boasts diplomacy and liberal narcissism, there are a growing number of internal issues which are culturally stagnating the progress of the nation.  Take a look at the cross section of America’s ailments that must be rectified for the health of the nation and its citizens.
1.  Islamophobia
Where does Islamophobia stem from?  The fervent opposition of mosques being built in the vicinity of Ground Zero in New York City has provoked a resurgence of hostility towards the brothers of Islam and racism against Arabs.  New York’s MTA has even allowed anti-mosque campaign ads in subway trains while it would be unthinkable for Muslims to put up billboards that observe Ramadan.  This poster by Pamela Geller, an avid anti-jihadist truly thinks that building a mosque near Ground Zero is insensitive to families of 9/11 victims.  Pamela Geller seems to have forgotten about the US-led illegal war on Iraq which has cost the lives of over 100,000 human beings, a national debt, which became a breeding ground for anti-Americanism.  9/11 victims are not to be insulted by this but building a mosque is a symbol of at least putting one foot forward even if it is just a state of tolerant multi-culturalism.

Although the media hypes up terrorist threats everyday, however according to the State Department’s Country Reports on Terrorism, only a total of 25 American civilians died from terrorism worldwide.  (“The US government definition of terrorism excludes attacks on U.S. military personnel”)

Let’s compare this to something as common as dog bites.  According to  there were 32 fatal dog bites last year.   In reality, you are more likely to get bitten by a dog to death than to die from terrorism in America.

2.  Homophobia
An openly gay US district judge Vaugh Walker overturned Prop 8 with a 138 page ruling of rationalizations.  Constantly subjecting people to define themselves through a limited and narrow minded system of nomenclature is the antithesis of liberalism which America boasts.  Sexuality at large is a spectrum and there are plenty of scholarly studi