10-Year old Mason Ramsey is officially a star, now that the viral video of him Yodeling for likes in Walmart has been remixed. You’re not a viral superstar until either one of your sound bites becomes extremely popular, or one of your videos gets an epic EDM remix: Folks on the Internet have already started […]

DMX‘s lawyer thinks it’s a good idea for the rapper’s music to be played during his next court hearing, in an effort to score some leniency with the judge. X is due to be sentenced in a hearing in Manhattan on Thursday for tax evasion charges and somehow, his lawyer think’s playing “Slippin'” and “Convo’” […]

One alleged firefighter truly tried his luck at a Kansas Hooters this past Monday. According to a KCTV witness, the man called a Black preschooler the N-word and proceeded to spit on him. According to the witness, the whole incident started when the child wondered away form his family. When a family member tried to […]

All it takes is for one video to spread for the world to know how lit you are. Penn Valley college student BJ Saunders and his daughter are everyone’s mood after a video he posted of his baby girl getting down went viral.   Even boxing champ Gervonta Davis claimed baby Saunders as his mood […]

The Kanye quote, “Listen To The Kids Bro,” has never been more valid than it is now. Take 5th Grader, Kenneth Francis, in the video below for example. He spit bars about Trump, slavery and more — all over Mobb Deep‘s classic “Shook Ones” beat. A beat that blessed our lives before little Kenneth was […]

Taking an African dance class this year will certainly skyrocket to the top of your to do list after seeing this little White kid tear the dance floor up to some Afrobeats. Shout out to the young ladies instructing him on how it’s really done.  

We’re all hesitant about letting our younger siblings use our phones, but there’s a true (unknown) method to our madness — and the video below is proof that you should beware whenever your sibling asks to use your phone.   It be your own family.

A 14-year-old boy is currently in critical, but stable, condition after being shot by police on Sunday morning in St. Louis, Missouri.

Afros have been a thing for decades, but ever since Beyonce's "Formation," it seems as though a lot more people are embracing their "baby hair and afros."