Matthew Knowles….. I ain’t gonna lie. I don’t know much about Matthew but I’ll tell you this. He’s not Kelly’s father ya’ll need to stop……

Why is Joe Budden humming Kanye?

Since making her appearance on Joe Budden’s ongoing vlog, Joe Budden TV, male fans have lusted over the rapper’s girlfriend Tahiry. Now, with her own following beginning to grow, King magazine has decided to give their final cover to Joey Jumpoff’s voluptuous girl.

Joe Budden releases his latest mixtape today titled the “Halfway House.” Definitely the king of New Jersey right now, Joe Budden has been through a lot of label issues, but he has steadily pushed though and kept doing his music which has shown his strength and talents. The mixtape/street album is short, but definitely worth […]

The creator of Girls Gone Wild, Joe Francis, has been bailed from a jail in Nevada, but he’s going straight to Florida to appear in court against allegations that he videotaped two under-aged girls performing a sexual act.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is 2-for-2 in his Hendrick Motorsports debut, winning one of Thursday’s qualifying races and establishing himself as the favorite to win the Daytona 500.

Joe Calzaghe is arguably the best active world champion American boxing fans have never seen. He’ll show off his skills in the …