Police fatally shot a 6-year-old child, making Jeremy Mardis the youngest person to be killed by police this year and proving that police practices across the board should be examined, no matter which communities they serve.


A penny connoisseur from Ruston, La. gave up his very special collection for the sake of his health, USA Today reports.

A 2014 Equal Employment Opportunity report shows that Black woman make up zero percent of Twitter’s employees. Only 14 Black women are currently employed at Twitter  out of its 3,000 employees. [Yahoo! News] A Louisiana cowboy was given a ticket for riding his horse home after having a few drinks. The man figured it was […]


In the town of Clinton, La., a white 54-year-old man was arrested and charged with a hate crime and an additional misdemeanor charge after he

A school teacher quickly became a hero during the deadly shooting that took place at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana this past Thursday. The teacher reportedly jumped in front of her co-worker to protect her and was then able to pull the fire alarm, even after being shot in the leg. According to E! Online, […]

A 28-year-old man went swimming in a Southwest Texas marina, at which point he was attacked and killed by an alligator. According to Fox News: Police in Orange, near the state line with Louisiana, say 28-year-old Tommie Woodward was swimming in a bayou early Friday morning when the attack occurred. Orange County sheriff’s deputies and a […]

Police have charged a Louisiana woman, whose preschool-aged children died in a house fire after she left them unattended to have her hair done. Ciarra Johnson left 4-year-old Tashae Thompson Johnson and 3-year-old Clifton Thompson Johnson in the home alone while she attended her appointment, authorities say. State Fire Marshal Deputy Chief Brant Thompson recovered the bodies […]

A black police officer fatally shot a 14-year-old black teenager during an altercation on Tuesday in a small city near New Orleans, according to Louisiana State Police. The officer, who has not been identified, was investigating reports of armed males entering an abandoned house in Houma, La. The victim, who has been identified as Cameron Tillman by […]

As we continue Nissan’s “Diaries of a Globetrotter” series, during Throwback Thursday we’ll look into this past year’s Mardi Gras. Every year, thousands of people flock to the South to celebrate the history of New Orleans with this 100-year-old tradition. Celebrated every Fat Tuesday, people plan more than a year ahead for the festivities. Besides […]