One woman wasn’t expecting for her life to be changed forever while she celebrated Mardi Gras. During a parade, she was given a teddy bear but little did she know the stuffed toy contained her boyfriend’s proposal. The video is definitely a tear-jerker. Watch it below.  

Clearly, she's not letting a lost wedding ring spoil her fun.

A Mardi Gras celebration in Mississippi ended tragically with the death of two people on Sunday afternoon.

Judging by her Instagram, Solange Knowles was super excited for Mardi Gras in New Orleans, yet the excitement was short-lived after she lost her wedding ring.

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As we continue Nissan’s “Diaries of a Globetrotter” series, during Throwback Thursday we’ll look into this past year’s Mardi Gras. Every year, thousands of people flock to the South to celebrate the history of New Orleans with this 100-year-old tradition. Celebrated every Fat Tuesday, people plan more than a year ahead for the festivities. Besides […]