Tom Holland and Benedict Cumberbatch sit down with Xilla Valentine to promote their new movie Avengers Infinity War hitting theaters this Friday. During this casual interview I accidentally brought up a photograph of Benedict, Tom and Tom Hiddleston which was called the most British picture ever, but someone replied by saying there wasn’t a lip […]

We’re not surprised. Wypipo have taken credit for everything else, why not memes too? The cartoon above has been sourced back to the 1921 July edition of Judge magazine and now, people are wondering if it was the first-ever meme. Some say “Slow your roll, far from it.” In all reality, who knows?! What we […]

Black Panther fandom is at an all-time high with dance challenges and inspirational art taking over social media. It’s only a matter of time before the next generation has names like T’Challa and Okoye taking over the attendance role. While we’re looking forward to a powerful trend, one Instagram user might have taken things a […]

Ever since Barack Obama‘s presidential portrait was revealed at the National Portrait Gallery on Monday, folks have been posting memes making fun of the Kehinde Wiley painting. Despite the many reinterpretations, one meme has surfaced that might take the cake. Someone reimagined a young Obama sitting fly for a Gucci campaign. Check it out below.   […]


The Patriots are feeling the wrath of social media after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl. Just minutes after the upset, Twitter was filled with memes mocking the team and their star quarterback Tom Brady. In case you missed them, hit the flip for some of the best Patriots memes.

Terrence Howard is the “mayne” of the month now after memes of him in different movie scenes, replacing “man” with “mayne”  has taken over the Internet. Over the weekend, the Empire star proved he has a sense of humor by responding to the hilarious memes dominating social media.   Check out some of […]

For reasons no one can quite explain, the Internet has been fascinated with casting Terence Howard for fictional roles in movies. Needless to say, it’s been the most hilarious thing ever. Everyone has been creating memes using Howard’s trademark “mayne” and awesome Photoshop skills. The results have been priceless. But wait, they get better! Hit […]

Twitter promptly turned @pitts0421_d into a hilarious meme after he let his friend lift him off his feet.

Remy Ma's husband Papoose is the internet's latest meme victim, after a photo of the rapper standing on a rail in all white with his arms crossed went viral. 

The #MillennialAMovie hashtag started trending on Twitter today asking users to remix their favorite movies with a millennial twist. So far, folks have hilariously hit the nail on the head, inserting the lingo of today into classic titles. You can swipe through below to read the funniest ones.