Head inside to read the alleged story of little RaeLa Adams; we pray she is brought home safely.

There’s no such thing as thinking too small when it comes to making changes in the community. A community organizer from Minnesota name Wintana Melekin apparently felt the same way after creating a petition calling for a Christopher Columbus statue to be booted in favor of a Prince monument. Melekin’s petition to to Gov. Mark […]

Governor Mark Dayton questions whether Philando Castile would still be alive if he was White and calls for swift justice.

Castile's family and friends say that he was an upstanding man and was soft-spoken. His mother, Valerie Castile, told CNN that her son was a "laid-back," "good person."

The video opens with a gruesome scene--Reynolds can be seen first saying, "Stay with me," to Castile, while she explains the couple was pulled over for a busted tail light.

Happy Birthday, Prince! Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton has officially declared June 7 “Prince Day” in the Purple One’s home state, US Weekly reports. The holiday was put in place to honor Prince not only as an artist, but also as a philanthropist. US Weekly wrote: “As fans will recall, Prince was passionate about his suburban […]

Prince was found in an elevator on his Minnesota estate on April 21.


On Friday, the Minneapolis chapter of Black Lives Matter shared a video of two masked men spewing racial slurs, with many believing the men are the same suspects who turned themselves in after the shooting on five BLM affiliates Monday evening.

The parents of NASCAR driver Kevin Ward have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Tony Stewart. Ward was killed when Stewart’s vehicle struck him during a race in August 2014. In the lawsuit, Ward’s family states that their son’s death could’ve been avoided and that Stewart was driving recklessly. [Gossip Cop] A Texas judge handed down […]


Hartland, MN firefighter who flew Confederate flag on fire truck has been suspended, @AP reports. http://t.co/AXwiwj151u — Chris Hrapsky (@ChrisHrapsky) July 5, 2015 A volunteer…

A man by the name of Michael Trudeau was arrested earlier this week after allegedly setting fire to his girlfriend’s cat and beheading it with scissors to get his point across. All this occurred before he bit off a part of his girlfriend’s ear during a heated dispute. Daily Mail reports: Michael Trudeau from Chaska, Minnesota, has […]

A Minnesota father took a stand against both bullying and racism when he took to YouTube to expose the students taunting his adopted African-American daughter. In the heartbreaking video above, Brad Knudson explains that his daughter’s friend came to the family to inform them that twins at her Prior Lake school were sending Dierdra racist Snapchat videos. […]