https://instagram.com/p/4uTkLHkqy4/?taken-by=amberrose The Bash is super smart for his age. Wiz Khalifa‘s mini-me was spotted showing off his love for big words in an adorable video for the ‘Gram. Muva – the milfiest mother of them all, by the way – taught Sebastian the word “translucent” and he used it flawlessly. Amber asks her son “Pumpkin, […]

Forget simplicity, Muva wants to bare it all. This weekend, Amber Rose unveiled the cover to her forthcoming book, How To Be A Bad Bitch, and it’s anything but basic. Looking every bit the certified MILF, Amber poses with a bow and arrow amid ocean cliffs. A victim lies beneath her feet, sending all the female […]

Amber Rose and Kim Kardashian have a lot in common, to the point that it’s a little uncanny. Muva’s “MILFY ass” is probably the only one that can give Kim’s a run for its money, Amber used to date Kanye West and now Yeezy’s married to Kim, and both ladies have just one crazy cute […]

Amber Rose is going to live her life the way she wants, regardless of what anyone else thinks. The new mother has been spending her holiday weekend in Miami, taking full advantage of the warm weather. Amber hit the beach wearing a bikini that fit her like a (very tiny) glove. To her critics, Amber had […]

In case you missed it, Amber Rose and all her curves are back in full effect. Muva Rosebud is making her rounds while doing promo for her first movie School Dance (also starring Kevin Hart) and her recently announced ABC series, Selfie, in which Amber plays a girl who steals so she can pretend she’s […]

Amber Rose is what L&HH star Joseline Hernandez would call a “bad bish.” She’s cute, sexy, well-dressed, confident, and to top it all off, that “thim slick” body of hers is just that – all her. The truth is, we fall in love with Muva Rosebud more and more every time she posts a new flick […]

Grills aren’t going anywhere, and there’s nothing we can do but grin and bear it. Like Amber Rose. She showed off her new mouthpiece on Instagram, and her lower teeth were gleaming like she’s chewing on aluminum foil. And let’s be honest, here: we all know what that’s like. It feels disgusting. Don’t act like […]