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Grills aren’t going anywhere, and there’s nothing we can do but grin and bear it.

Like Amber Rose.

She showed off her new mouthpiece on Instagram, and her lower teeth were gleaming like she’s chewing on aluminum foil. And let’s be honest, here: we all know what that’s like. It feels disgusting. Don’t act like you’ve never stuck a gum wrapper to the bottom of your teeth for a little rapper cosplay.

Except what Muva Rosebud’s actually chewing on is gold–and while we don’t know what that’s like, we sure would love to find out. Since the resurgence of grills last year, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t want one for ourselves. Madonna’s son has one. Katy Perry has one. Miley Cyrus has, like, a dozen. It’s like a Celine bag, but for your mouth. And everyone loves a good Celine bag.

Another thing we love are blasts from celebrities’ pasts. Because we all love to know what stars looked like before the glitz, glamour and grills. Amber took full advantage of Throwback Thursday to give us a glimpse at life before becoming a bald, blonde bombshell:

#tbt Young Ambs

#tbt the 2 girls to my right ur left are still my besties @islisha they were bridesmaids in my wedding and I was a bridesmaid in theirs we’ve been friends for 20 years!Crazy huh? The other girl moved away when we were young

#tbt I was 12 years old (in this pic) when I had my growth spurt I was 5’9 in the 6th grade. Check out my nike airs doe

We see ’em, girl. Here’s to puberty.


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