nicole kidman


<p>&nbsp;</p><p>The Nike Air Pippen I gets retroed again this year in another colorway! This time, Michael Jordan&rsquo;s former wingman&rsquo;s first signature shoe comes in a white/black/metallic silver look. Truth be told, I never really liked these jawns. The pair he wore before this &ndash; the Air More Uptempo &ndash; now that was my shizt! However, […]

<p>&nbsp;</p><p>MJ stops by to answer Jay&rsquo;s thought provoking questions. Hit the jump to see Mike and Scottie Pippen on Jay Leno during the 1996 playoffs. Its worth a watch just to see Jay&rsquo;s hair lol</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p>

Bill bombed some countries when he got caught getting a blowjay. Bush talked about gay marriage when the Iraq war went to the crapper. And Scottie Pippen put out “Balls Deep in Love” after getting beat up by midgets. Did I stutter? Do I look like Ron Harper? “Given the recent controversy surrounding Gary Coleman, […]