Everyone was shocked that Bill Cosby‘s sexual assault case ended in a mistrial — now we know why the star was ultimately set free. TMZ reports that jurors reportedly voted to convict the comedian on two counts of sexual assault by a vote of 10 – 2. However, one juror told ABC News that ten […]

Waka Flocka Flame is finally free of court drama surrounding his 2014 gun charges. According to Page Six, the rapper was found not guilty of having a handgun in his carry-on bag by a Clayton County courthouse on Thursday after a four-day trial. Three years ago, when he was arrested with the firearm, he claimed […]

The rapper pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges on Wednesday (June 22).

Bobby Shmurda and hip-hop fans have been awaiting news over his case after being arrested for drug trafficking, along with his GS9 crew, who are currently all in prison for a slew of charges. According to Billboard, the “Hot Boy” rapper pled not guilty to all of the charges against him earlier today, which includes conspiracy, […]