Tennis champion Naomi Osaka announces she will not attend any press briefings during the upcoming Roland Garros tournament in Paris beginning May 30.  Osaka pinned a candid letter to her followers explaining why she's opted out of press in an effort to protect her mental health before her matches. 

Read his letter in its entirety inside, as the actor discusses Walter Hamada's alleged attempts to cover up workplace abuse.

Nas penned a serious open letter titled “Action Speaks Louder Than Words” in which he takes aim at Donald Trump and Mike Pence. The rap icon kicked off the charged post on the topic of race, writing, “The only way the Black man gets a little piece in America is if he takes the O.J. […]

In a new promotional video for Glamour magazine, the ever successful Kim Kardashian was tasked with writing a letter to her future self. The 34-year-old mom to North West and wife to Yeezus was chosen as the famed publication’s July cover girl and in addition to the usual interview, Kim pens a letter that lists […]

Damn, time flies. It’s been 10 years since Gucci Mane released his debut album Trap House. Since then, the Atlanta rapper has cranked out over 60 projects in the past decade, including six in 2015 so far. Unfortunately, Gucci’s celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Trap House in prison for carrying a concealed weapon, but he […]

Dearest New York City, Do you like roller coasters? I do. Love ’em, actually. So much so that I’m willing to withstand wait times that are well over an hour just for a thrill that’ll only last for two minutes at best. But you’ve been taking me and the rest of New York for a ride […]

Guess who drinks out of the same honesty cup as Kanye? Childish Gambino. This may seem surprising to many, but actor turned rapper Childish Gambino had a moment of clarity on his personal Instagram page. The “Bed Peace” rapper posted a list of his deepest fears on a hotel notepad and revealed them on his […]

L-Boogie speaks. Just days after her release from prison, Lauryn Hill pens a handwritten open letter, thanking her fans for all of their undying support. The “Letter of Recognition” arrives a week after the release of her anti-consumerism track “Consumerism.”  Shortly after penning the letter on her Tumblr, for some reason Lauryn decided to delete the […]

Over a month later, everyone is still talking about Miley Cyrus’ 2013 MTV VMA twerk session with Robin Thicke, and we do mean everybody. From her musical peers to scholars and feminists, the whole world has an opinion. The latest to share hers is ’80s singer Sinead O’Connor, who Miley says was an inspiration for […]