One of the most recognizable sounds of the 21st century is probably the “Opening” ringtone on Apple phones. Hate it or love it, it definitely causes a reaction depending on your mood and the location. Now imagine if a cockatiel bird has learned the chime note-for-note. Check out Lucky’s skills below.

One family in northern Vietnam has no problem keeping a 20-foot-long python near their 3-year-old boy. Video of the boy riding the python recently surfaced due to flooding in the country. Vietnam was hit with heavy flooding last week and so far it’s killed around 72 people, according to the country’s disaster prevention agency. “The […]

Tyga is a good dad when it comes to son King—but when it comes to his pet Tiger, he definitely dropped the ball. According to reports, Tyga’s Tiger is living at Lions, Tigers & Bears non-profit rescue in So Cal, but the staff says that he never made any effort to help out with the cat’s […]