Philly gave us Eve, Meek Mill and now Ground Up. After completing a tour run with fellow newcomer G-Eazy, the hip-hop duo has released a video for their new single, “Let’s Ride.” The vibrant, catchy trumpet incorporated into the track gives it a bit of an old jazzy feel, which ironically makes it new and fresh. […]

Some people just really don’t belong out in public. A Philadelphia resident was recorded refusing to stop masturbating on a city bus. Yep, that happened. In the video, you can hear a woman ask him to stop as he vigorously strokes himself. According to Gawker, after realizing that he was being recorded, he actually became upset with the woman. Friday afternoon, […]

Some people just need Jesus. Wannabe comedian Daron Stinson is facing multiple charges after using a pellet gun in drive-by assaults in Philadelphia. According to Gawker, the 21-year-old posted the videos on his Instagram page, terrorizing pedestrians and shooting the fake gun with his friends. Stinson used his page to show less than funny skits and […]