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Name: Alana RodriguezAge: 23Location: Rochester, NY

One listen to Theory’s smash single "Swish", you would think that he already had the backing of a major label. That say a lot about the quality of his music and the strength of his hustle. Previously featured in DJ Gootz’s ‘And The Beat Goes On’column, Theory steps away from the mic to bring us […]

With a new name, his very own label, a clean break from Luda’s DTP and a hot new album in stores, Bobby V has officially been born again. Urban had a chance to catch up with the suave ladies’ man to get the scoop on his new deal with EMI, what made him move on […]

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High quality images of music video vixens, hip hop honeys and urban models

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Fallen rapper Ja-Rule recently stepped out in LA.And as Curtis seems to be struggling at present, could now be the time for MR "it’s muuuurrrdaaa" to return?

Model Kaila Maria featured in Urban Magazine

Despite early reports, Beyonce’s sister, Solange Knowles, has not been dropped from the roster of Interscope/Geffen Records his week. The record label has release the following statement.