He says his company, Akon Lighting Africa, could have restored power in Puerto Rico five months faster than the government.

The Spanish chef quit working for Donald Trump's restaurant after he called Mexicans "rapists" on the campaign trail.

Apparently, a U.S. territory full of fellow citizens isn't worth not even one month of Trump's time.

Less than one in eight people in PR have electricity, barely half have water.

"Half is going to Mexico, half is going to Puerto Rico," according to Joey Crack.

It’s no secret that Donald Trump has completely dropped the ball when it comes to assisting natural disaster victims this year — but his overt neglect for the people of Puerto Rico has been downright painful to watch. Four days after Hurricane Maria shook the beloved island, the unfit President spent his time tweeting his […]

On Tuesday, Donald Trump finally took a trip to Puerto Rico after the island was devastated by Hurricane Maria leaving millions without power and many without supplies or water. How did 45 decide to greet a small group of Puerto Ricans in need? He gave away paper towels. Oh yea, and he didn’t just hand […]

In the wake of Hurricane Maria, which has left thousands of Puerto Ricans in wreckage and without basic living necessities, President Trump couldn’t resist attacking San Juan, Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz this morning for allegedly calling out the White House’s relief efforts. In a series of harsh tweets, he says the island displayed “poor leadership ability” […]

Joe is urging fans: "I need everyone to come together. It's a major crisis."