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There’s an ageless rule in show business; never go after a child or animal. You’ll be shown up every time. Music princess Blue Ivy is no exception to the rule given her surprising show of talent on Jay Z’s 4:44 album this summer. Our Question of the Day crew took to Coney Island to find […]

A summer bae is a person who you share the hot weather months with on an exotic island vacation, a cross-country road trip, or just at home Netflixing under the air conditioner. Real or fake, who is your imaginary summer bae? We’d love to hear your answers to the Question of the Day so be […]

A good condiment can transform an otherwise boring meal into something next level delicious. Whether it be mayo on fries or ketchup on hot dogs, a few New York natives told us about their favorite condiments at the ultimate destination for condiment-ready snacks — Coney Island. We’d love to hear your answers to the Question […]

From basic smileys to animated celebrations, everyone has their favorite emoji. Entertainment journalist Xilla Valentine hit the legendary Coney Island boardwalk in Brooklyn to ask people which emoji best reflects their personality. We’d love to hear your answers to the Question of the Day so be sure to leave them in the comments section.

Imagine if Pharrell Williams produced a theme song for your drive to work or if Metro Boomin did the music to celebrate your arrival to a party. Everyone says that their life is like a TV show so we asked these New York natives who they’d want to create their personalized theme song. We’d love […]