A 16-year-old rape victim is dead in India after friends of her rapists allegedly set her on fire for going to the police. Indian authorities have filed murder charges against two individuals for the December 23 incident, after the victim succumbed to her injuries and passed away on New Years Eve. Police suspect that the […]

Looks like we’ve learned nothing from the terrible Steubenville, Ohio rape incident. Rape culture rears its ugly head again, playing in real-time over social media after a Georgia Twitter user posted a picture of a girl passed out in her own vomit while announcing that he and his brother were going to rape her. Now […]

The shooting suspect in the November LAX shooting that killed one TSA agent and injured three others pleaded not guilty to 11 federal charges, charges that could bring him the death penalty. The decision on whether the government will seek the ultimate penalty against Paul Anthony Ciancia, 23, will take a long time and will ultimately […]

A 15-year-old Chicago girl is in serious condition after she was hit on the head, dragged between two houses and raped just a block away from a school “Safe Passage” route  —  a city program that places police and patrols on the street for students to get to and from school safely. But local authorities […]

So, this despicable thing happened. A group identifying themselves as “Men’s Rights Activists” reported more than 400 false accounts of rape in order to render a Los Angeles college sexual assault report system unusable. The group — believing they were being victimized — attacked Occidental College’s anonymous system after being prompted by users of Reddit’s /r/MensRights […]

A Pittsburgh teenager has been arrested after he beat up and raped a retired nun in the parking lot of a Roman Catholic church. According to Fox News, 18-year-old Andrew Bullock asked the 70-year-old nun if she needed help in the parking lot. When she declined and thanked him, he flashed her and then proceeded to […]

Turns out the sign language interpreter who was found to be faking gestures at Nelson Mandela’s memorial isn’t just suffering from schizophrenia. Thamsanqa Jantjie also battled some demons in his past that resulted in him being accused of murder in 2003 and rape in 1994. According to TIME: Citing court documents, the Johannesburg-based news station eNCA reports […]

Welcome to 2013, where rape is acceptable and women have nearly zero reproductive rights. OK, that may not be entirely true, but in a society where women are told that being sexually assaulted is their fault and are denied the choice of terminating a pregnancy if a rape results in that, something is clearly wrong. […]

Here’s one more ridiculous and lawful example of rape culture and how government enjoys restricting women’s health rights. Michigan lawmakers have passed a controversial bill into law on Wednesday that will ban all insurance plans in the state from covering abortion unless the woman’s life is in danger. According to the Huffington Post: The law, […]

Here’s a shocking fact regarding sexual assault in India. The December 2012 gang-rape of a 23-year-old medical student in New Delhi that gripped the nation fortunately resulted in convictions for the perpetrators. Sadly, however, out of 706 cases of rape in Delhi, it was the only one that got that far. What’s just as disheartening […]

Looks like O.J. Simpson is going to spend more time in jail than he hoped. He faces at least four more years in prison after a judge rejected his plea for a new trial in the Las Vegas armed robbery and kidnapping conviction that landed him in jail in 2008. [DailyMail] The lead singer of […]

Here’s yet another shocking example of what could be considered “police brutality,” but is also another case of pervasive violence against women in our society. An on-duty San Antonio police officer was arrested on Saturday morning after he allegedly pulled over a 19-year-old woman and raped her. Officer Jackie Neal, 40, was slapped with a […]