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Looks like we’ve learned nothing from the terrible Steubenville, Ohio rape incident.

Rape culture rears its ugly head again, playing in real-time over social media after a Georgia Twitter user posted a picture of a girl passed out in her own vomit while announcing that he and his brother were going to rape her.

Now police are investigating user @RichLonelyJuan, who has since deleted his account, but not before insisting that the whole thing was a joke that got out of hand.

But he wasn’t alone. Another Twitter user, TaBarius, posted a picture of a girl who looked like the one covered in vomit, except this time her clothes were changed — something TaBarius claimed he did.

But he too continued with the rape jokes.

TaBarius soon found out, none of this was a joke. And rape, as he would learn, was a serious offense. He later tweeted that someone was at his door. And his next tweet indicated that he messed up — police had caught wind of the incident.

Dana Pierce, a public information officer for Cobb County told Buzzfeed that the police department did not have the real names of the men who were involved in the rape “joke.”

“How are we going to find them?” asked Pierce. “We could find their IP addresses, but we’re not going to do that on New Years Day… They [the detectives] will probably really sink their teeth into the case tomorrow.”

Pierce also told BuzzFeed that investigators received an anonymous call from a female who said she was familiar with the case and that there was “no truth” to it.

“Obviously this doesn’t satisfy our investigation,” said Pierce. “But the alleged incident that has gone viral is not a crime. We need a lot more evidence to prove that this happened.”

The detectives are “working on it,” but they have not had any success in validating the claims from the tweet based on the information provided thus far.

So in short, life goes on for both @RichLonelyJuan and TaBarius. And rape culture continues…

SOURCE: Buzzfeed | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter