Philippine shoppers got a not so pleasant surprise while strolling through the mall recently. In a video that’s since gone viral, a rat is chilling on an escalator step as if it was its own personal pad. When people try to make their way downstairs, the rat defends its turf by lunging at peoples’ legs. […]

Have you ever seen a rat take a shower like a human? Apparently, it’s possible and it’s been caught on video. If this is some next level type of evolution, it’s completely freaking us out. What will they do next?

Rats are nothing new to New Yorkers — but you never know how you’d react if one was close to your feet, running rogue on a Subway car. Last week on a Queens-bound A train, passengers got more than they bargained for when Ratatouille, in real life form, ran up and down the aisle of […]

There's not much in the world every single person will agree on, but we can probably agree that rats are really gross.

A man in Katy, Texas claims to have discovered a small rodent in his three-year-old grandson's Dr. Pepper.

What would you do if you found that in your KFC meal? Devorise Dixon, 25, claimed to have found a rat in his three-piece tender meal from a KFC in Wilmington, California. Unfortunately, he discovered this after taking a bite out of the strangely shaped tender, Gawker reports. “As I bit into it I noticed […]