There’s no denying two of the biggest voices to come out of the U.K. in the last couple of years are Sam Smith and Adele. The two are similar in that their singing chops have swayed audiences across the globe. Many folks have pointed out that they’re almost too similar — to the point that […]

Drake recently dropped his latest album More Life on Friday and even he may be surprised at the success over the weekend. According to The Verge, More Life has racked up 61.3 million Spotify streams in its first 24 hours. But the Apple Music numbers are even more groundbreaking, with the album being streamed 89.9 million times […]

Dame Dash has teamed with producer Lemuel Plummer to develop a show that will offer a "brutally honest account" of the Roc-a-Fella story.

Paris Jackson has no problem speaking up for what she feels is right – even at the risk of offending family and fans.

If you've ventured into Urban Outfitters lately, then you've probably noticed that the appeal of vinyl records has made a major comeback with millennials.