Bothered, Brian Eason went back into the restaurant after leaving a tip and a Starbucks gift card for the waitress and asked other White customers if they received the same treatment - they hadn't.

A number of black employees who previously worked at a Manhattan TGI Friday’s are suing the chain, alleging that when the busy outpost closed, managers hired an all-new, light-skinned staff to take their place. According to the lawsuit, filed Thursday in the Bronx Supreme Court, only one of the former black staff members was rehired when […]

Nissan’s Globetrotters series is taking you back to one of the biggest cities in the world: New York City. People flock to NYC to fulfill their life-long dreams, fall in love (maybe), or to just have a great time. There’s plenty of people and places to meet in the Big Apple, but the best spots […]