I had never been to Africa before, but standing at the top of a sand dune overlooking the slums of Khayelitsha yesterday, a section of South Africa’s sprawling Cape Flats, I felt completely connected to the homeland. The sun was setting, reflecting light off the millions of corrugated tin roofs below, the last hint of […]


Before life got super crazy for a “cool young Lu”,Lupe Fiasco inked an interesting deal withReebok though he was quoted many times (including the launch of the Reebok shoe) that his favorite kicks were the John Lennon “Imagine” Converse Chuck Taylors. Though at the time on team RBK, Lupe wore Chuck Taylors on the cover of his debut album […]

Peep this article on the potential health risk involved with using condoms and how they are not 100% effective against STI, STD, HIV, AIDS and pregnancy. If you have sex and use a rubber, you need to read this on Knowing is half the battle.

Commentary on how the West relies on Africa to put a softer face on the real causes behind AIDS.

Filed under: Entertainment NewswireBy Karu F. Daniels, A special 30th anniversary DVD edition of ‘The Wiz’ has arrived on store shelves this week.And that’s a good thing.Sindney Lumet’s colorfully crafted Afrocentric take on ‘The Wizard of Oz’ bowed in 1978 to tepid reviews. But the ambitious cinematic effort – starring Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, […]