We all know how much our Russell Simmons loves his models, but today the mogul took some time to step behind the camera himself! Hollywood Needs To Wake Up! By Russell Simmons Uncle Rush took to Twitter to give us a behind the scenes peek at his brand new looks for Argyleculture. He says: The […]

RushCard today announced plans to streamline its fee structure for the Prepaid Visa® RushCard, as well as launch an entirely new plan, the RushUnlimited Plan. Many customers who choose the new plan can make unlimited signature and PIN transactions for a new lower monthly fee.  The RushUnlimited Plan, available in March 2012, will not only […]

The gatekeepers to Hollywood are going to be surprised once again tonight. They are going to see some of the funniest comedians in the world on Comedy Central’s The Ruckus. Most of them they know, but they’ve been overlooked by many of the talent scouts saying things like, “I get them, but they are ‘too black’ […]

It’s been years, and we’re still wondering why there’s no more Def Comedy Jam. We know it’s not just us. But, our prayers have been answered and the wait is finally over. And it’s not Def Comedy Jam, it’s even better, seriously. Russell Simmons Presents The Ruckus, a new six episode stand-up comedy series premieres […]

Kevin SAER Leong, Russell Simmons, Jim Jones, Andre Harrell and a handful of friends entered the Year of The Dragon last night in style! STORY: Are You Ready For Year Of The Metal Rabbit Leong, designer of Origami, hosted a private dinner in the Gold Room of Buddakan last night, in association with Team Epiphany and […]

  Russell Simmons and congressman Dennis Kucinich are unbeatable force to be reckoned with when it comes to what the pair calls, “an American Issue,” the corruption of the American political system caused by one thing: money. STORY: The Cruel Manipulation of American Democracy Continues Following this week’s proposal of a constitutional amendment that will […]

In recent weeks, coverage of prepaid debit cards launched by Suze Orman and Lil Wayne has repeatedly portrayed me as a “celebrity endorser.”  Some of these stories have gone so far as to depict my RushCard business in the same light as the ill-fated Kardasian Kard.  The truth is, eight years ago I invested millions […]

Much is made of our “successful” hip-hop and cultural heroes, but not merely enough is said about the unsung champions in our industry. Unsung champions such as the hard workers who actually “Make it Happen,” like Kevin Liles’ (former President of Def Jam and Atlantic) book teaches us.  The ones, like Kevin, who came up from the “guttermost to […]

Russell Simmons made an appearance on Countdown with Keith Olbermann last night where he discussed his Occupy the Dream movement and putting action behind Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. EXCLUSIVE: The Mathematics Of Racism By Russell Simmons It was MLK’s legacy that inspired Russell to help organize Occupy the Dream, a new offshoot of the […]

Today, Monday, January 16th, all across the country people will be marching on the Federal Reserve Bank to promote racial and economic justice.  I will be at the Federal Reserve Bank in NYC on Liberty Street and Broadway at 11:30AM.  Join me and thousands of others around the country as we honor the legacy of […]

Lil Wayne showcased his TRUKFIT clothing line during Market Week with a private shindig for buyers, retail executives and New York’s biggest names in media at El Privado in NYC’s Hotel Americano. DETAILS: Lil Wayne Releasing Prison Memoir “Gone Till November Wayne, the TRUKFIT executive team, and designers met with buyers from across the nation […]

As the founder of GlobalGrind, I created our site to have fun and prove that we could be successful with post-racial content that didn’t play to the cheap seats for success. At the same time, GlobalGrind is selling a progressive and positive political agenda that I hope makes the world a better place. EXCLUSIVE: Russell […]