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What were you doing last night!? If you’re anything like us… that "off-time" after work turns into "crunch-time" as you realize you only have a few hours until it’s time to start the next day… And unfortunately, our favorite prime time shows get lost in the shuffle… CATCH UP TODAY!!

When is it okay to date an associate’s ex? (note the distinction: I did not say friend. I will not date anyone my friends have dated or humped**)

Check out Q-tips performance with Prince on the Guitar.

My Girl Mary has more Drama to deal with

Robert Kardashian has fallen hard for Cheetah Girl, Adrienne Bailon. The reality star has the singer’s name tattooed on his chest and flashed his precious dedication on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

You surely remember the monstrosity (and potential extinctive agent for humanity as a whole) that was the Jason Taylor Robot. (It responds to visual stimulation! Ack!) Well, the real life version –…