She sent a letter after taking offense to a dish detergent ad that suggested only women clean the dishes. A queen in the making.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is facing some heat for his comments to a woman reporter. The 28-year old was in the middle of a press conference when a Charlotte Observer reporter, Jourdan Rodrigue, asked about the Panthers’ wide receiver Devin Funchess running routes. Cam responded to the question with, “It’s funny to hear a female talk […]

His latest comments about Black women caused social media to lash out against the Miami rapper.

It seems like everyone has dirt on Donald Trump and isn't hesitant about sharing it with the world – but Howard Stern isn't one of those people.

Gilbert Arenas' sexist social media rant about the WNBA may finally be coming to a halt, after a few of the league's stars called him out on his antics.

Gilbert Arenas believes he knows how to make the WNBA more entertaining - get "cutie pies" to play the game and put them in skimpy outfits.

T.I dug a deep hole for himself when he made some insensitive comments about Hilary Clinton's presidency on DJ Whoo Kid's radio show.

Tiny was at LAX on Tuesday when the good folks over at TMZ decided to ask about her husband T.I.‘s controversial comments that he would never vote for Hillary Clinton for president. Tiny stood by her man, but did let the cameras know Tip is a little bit sexist – but that’s because he’s an old-fashioned type of guy who believes a man […]