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Suge Knight may currently be in jail on murder charges, but his lawyer is claiming that Dr. Dre tried to put a hit out on him, notes Pitchfork.

Suge says his secluded treatment, which includes restricted access to phone calls and visitors other than his attorneys has caused him mental stress.

In a recent interview with The Real, Janet Hubert expressed her admiration for Jada Pinkett Smith's artistry: "I respect Jada highly. I respect her skill, I respect her as an artist, I respect her as an actress, very much."

Suge Knight might not be able to get many messages through while he’s in jail awaiting his murder trial, but he’s trying his best. While in court yesterday, Knight wanted to wish his six-year-old son a happy birthday. He wrote “Happy birthday Legend” on a piece of paper, and waited for the TV camera operator […]


Jamaica-bred novelist Marlon James has won the famed Man Booker Prize for Fiction for his book, A Brief History of Seven Killings.

"Dogg Pound 4 Life" may be in jeopardy now because Suge Knight and numerous record labels want a percentage from the movie - but Daz Dillinger is not having it.

It’s been over two decades since the tragic death of Eazy-E, and conspiracies surrounding his death continue to surface. This week, Frost, who was signed to the late rapper’s Ruthless Records label, revealed how he believes Eazy contracted AIDS in the first place during an interview that appeared on Frost (aka Arturo Molina, Jr.) shared his thoughts during […]

It’s been almost 20 years since the passing of the great Tupac Shakur. While his death remains unfathomable for some, many have accepted his demise. Yet, some believe the prodigious rapper is still floating around. The thought of Tupac being alive continues to be on the minds of many. With little to no hope in regards […]

Both murder and robbery cases involving Suge Knight have been postponed by a judge, as the decision was made earlier today. According to the Associated Press, the former Death Row member appeared in court on Thursday morning, where Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ronald Coen granted a defense request for continuance. The request pushed the next […]

N.W.A’s former manager, Jerry Heller, recently weighed in on the possibility that Eazy-E was injected with AIDS by Suge Knight.


The son of late rapper Eazy-E has reason to believe his father was murdered by Suge Knight.


Marion ‘Suge’ Knight, former CEO of Death Row Records, is under fire again as attention is redirected towards a HIV/AIDS joke he