Back in the day, being gay was a taboo topic within hip hop. Although there is definitely more work to be done, these artists are unapologetically living their authentic lives. For example, back in 2017, Chance The Rapper‘s brother, Taylor Bennett, set his soul free by revealing via Twitter that he identifies as bisexual […]

Carving a space for yourself in this world can be difficult, especially when under the weight of crappy jobs, depressing politics or student debt that never seems to end. Taylor Bennett definitely hears the cries of a generation that’s asking for more — or in Taylor’s case, demanding more. With his new song “Minimum Wage,” […]

Taylor Bennett teams up with his big brother Chance The Rapper for an introspective track titled "Broad Shoulders."

Back in the day, homosexuality was a pretty taboo topic within the hip hop community. These days, artists are comfortable enough with themselves and their sexuality to be openly gay and proud. Check out these eight rappers who are not afraid to embrace their sexual orientation.