the hangover part 2

The Academy Awards are the highlight of any self-respecting actor/actress’ career. Many actors give their all for a role that many perceive as their best, but sometimes the Academy doesn’t see what the fans and critics see. Actress Halle Berry won an Oscar for her role in the 2001 film “Monster’s Ball.” The plot is […]

<p>The pair of Charlie White and Meryl Davis has made their debut at Olympics with a silver medal. Charlie white dressed in yellow shirt and black pants danced</p>

<p>Meryl was born on 1st of January 1987. She is a great ice dancer. Charlie White and Meryl Davis were teamed up in the year 1997. In the same year, both of</p>

<p>Maxim Shabalin and Oksana Domina are leading in compulsory portion of Ice dancing Olympics. The Russian pair has won the world championship in 2009. Shabalin</p>

<p>The other names of Golden Globe winners are as follows: Golden Globe winners for TV were: We congratulate all the Golden Globe Winners and wish them best of luck.</p>

<p>Though Sophia Loren has attained 75 years of her age, yet she looks not a 75 years old lady. Still she is cute and has wrinkles free complexions. Sophia Loren</p>

<p>Mary Streep is a big name in the American Showbiz. She has got the reputation of the most brilliant and widely acknowledged film actress in America. She</p>

    Sandra Bullock planted a wet one on Meryl Streep after she tied for the ‘Best Actress’ win at the 15th annual Critics’ Choice Awards Friday night. After Streep had won an was done speaking, presenter Bradley Cooper called the second winner up, Bullock. After joking that it was ‘bullshit’ Bullock went in for […]