Ziggy Marley recalls singing one of the most popular animated theme songs of our time, with Arthur’s “Believe In Yourself.” Watch inside.

In the spirit of Black History Month, we bring you our random Black fact of the day. Tichina Arnold created a full theme song for Everybody Hates Chris alongside her friends. Watch the video inside.

Who remembers the Nickelodeon sitcom Taina, which debuted 20 years ago today in 2001? Today, let us reminisce on some of the shows greatest moments to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a classic Nickelodeon series. 

Imagine if Pharrell Williams produced a theme song for your drive to work or if Metro Boomin did the music to celebrate your arrival to a party. Everyone says that their life is like a TV show so we asked these New York natives who they’d want to create their personalized theme song. We’d love […]

Sam Smith is stepping into some big shoes. The British pop singer announced that he has recorded the theme song to Spectre, the upcoming 24th film in the James Bond series. Sam expressed his excitement via Twitter: pic.twitter.com/0anlLMQSWZ — SAM SMITH (@samsmithworld) September 7, 2015 This is one of the highlights of my career. I am honoured […]