Danni Messina thought she was doing a generous thing this Thanksgiving by tweeting from her personal account on that she would donate 50 cents for every retweet and 25 cents for every “favorite” she received to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The 19-year old Washington State student figured she’d get a little interaction from her […]

So upside-down Christmas trees are becoming a thing now and it’s causing a divide amongst holiday lovers. The recent boom stems from an upside-down tree that hung in the Westfield San Francisco Centre last year. The 50-foot-tall tree is returning this year and the lighting ceremony is set to happen on November 30. https://www.instagram.com/p/BNs3xZ3hcTq/ Since […]

Bailey Sellers, of Knoxville, turned 21 on Friday and she received the gift of a lifetime. The Tennessee native took to Twitter to share a Thank You letter she recently received from her deceased dad.  She tweeted:     The pre-paid cards and kind words from her deceased dad ends this year now that Sellers […]

Every once in a while,  a touching video goes viral that will have you weeping like baby — and 4-year-old Camden’s story is no different. A video showing the young Texas native, who was born without arms or legs, walking for the first time is making its viral rounds and has the entire Internet swooning […]

Potato salad can be the Holy Grail of many family gatherings. There always seems to be that one person who can whip up the dish like no other…and then there’s that person who should just stay away from the potatoes. Watch actor and comedian Kalen Allen give hilarious commentary on someone trying to make potato […]

Malia Obama had that the Internet in a frenzy over the weekend after a video of her blowing smoke rings in a bathroom went viral.     The random clip of the 19-year old Harvard student sparked outrage for some: While others are coming to her defense and calling for the teen to be allowed […]

Rats are nothing new to New Yorkers — but you never know how you’d react if one was close to your feet, running rogue on a Subway car. Last week on a Queens-bound A train, passengers got more than they bargained for when Ratatouille, in real life form, ran up and down the aisle of […]

On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced a plan that would repeal regulations on Internet providers and give them broader powers. It would undo net neutrality, or the idea that all Internet content — whether from big or small companies — should be treated equally by Internet providers. Under net neutrality, Internet service providers […]

Young-sung Kim is a Korean artist based in New York and his hyperrealistic paintings are making waves across the Internet. Most of his subjects include small animals and wildlife, but they looks so real, you’d think you could touch the moisture from their bodies with your hands. Swipe through to check out more of Kim’s […]

Two drunk men were in for a rude awakening when heading to board their flight on IndiGo Airlines. A video has been making its rounds on the Internet of an IndiGo Airline hostess making one of the men touch her feet after he allegedly misbehaved with her. In the viral clip, the female airline staffer […]

World Toilet Day just got a whole lot more interesting. On Saturday, Ram Shinde, a minister for water conservation in the western state of Maharashtra, was filmed relieving himself in the field near the side of the road — despite government efforts to stop people from peeing in public. Shinde said of the incident, “I […]

Father’s Day is something to be celebrated everyday if you’re a dad looking after your little one. Singer Dave Love sets the bar high when he gifts his son with a special song for his enjoyment. Check out the heartwarming moment below.