DeAndre Harris set social media on fire when images of his Charlottesville attack wounds hit the Internet. The 20-year-old was present as a counter protester during the White supremacist rally back in August. When Harris was attacked by rally supporters, photographs and video of the incident hit the Internet. You can check out one very graphic […]

Despite all of the racial tension happening in America these days — history is still being made, slowly but surely. For the first time in Florida’s modern history, a White person will be executed for killing a Black person. The Miami Herald reports that 53-year-old Mark James Asay is scheduled to die by lethal injection […]

Their upcoming series Confederate sparked a ton of backlash when it was first announced and rightfully so.

It’s funny how the threat of being held accountable for your actions changes a situation — and White supremacist Christopher Cantwell knows that now. The neo-Nazi was featured throughout VICE News Tonight’s documentary Charlottesville: Race and Terror, leading a group of white nationalists in the “Unite the Right” rally. In the doc, Cantwell admitted that his racist crew is […]

Celebrities are using their platforms more than ever this week to combat the hate and injustice taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia. LeBron James is the latest star to speak out against Donald Trump and the White supremacists who’ve been rallying and assaulting people of color all week, with no repercussions. He tweeted: Social media wasn’t […]

Heather Heyer, 32, was one of the peaceful protesters against the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Sadly, on August 12, 2017, she was killed by a Nazi who drove his car into a crowd. Nineteen people were injured and Heyer was pronounced dead at the nearby University of Virginia Hospital. Two Virginia state troopers responding […]

James Harris Jackson told authorities that he has harbored racist violent views for more than ten years.

Larnell Bruce Jr., 19, was struck and killed in the parking lot of a 7-Eleven store in Gresham, Oregon, back in August after getting into an argument with a stranger.


Following his father's explicit refusal to disavow an endorsement from former Ku Klux Klan grand wizard David Duke, Donald Trump Jr. -- the eldest son of Republican presidential candidate and front runner Donald Trump -- appeared on a conservative radio show with a White supremacist.


"A group of White supremacists showed up at the protest, as they have done most nights," Miski Noor, a media contact for Black Lives Matter told the Star Tribune.