Yes, everyone is still talking about Black Panther, because it’s one of the biggest movies in film history and we’re watching the culture shift before our eyes. Everyone who’s seen the film has vowed to greet every person of color they see with the Wakandan handshake. It looks like World Medalist  Jasmine Todd got the […]

Everyone likes to give commentary once in a while, especially when watching a major event. Comedian Leslie Jones took side-talk to a whole new level when she decided to give her thoughts on the Winter Olympic sports. All throughout the weekend, the Saturday Night Live star flooded her Twitter timeline with jokes about various competitions. […]

If there was a list of Donald Trump‘s biggest enemies, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un would probably be in the top ten. The two have consistently been at odds by flexing their missile power and at the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, two comedians decided to make fun of the beef. One guy […]