Our Favorite Celeb Couples That Didn’t Make It Down The Aisle! (PHOTOS)

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Kristin Cavallari thought she was going to be an NFL wife, but Jay Cutler put an end to that when he called off the wedding.

STORY: Kristin Cavallari Dumped At Altar By Jay Cutler! (PHOTOS)

Kristin was already beginning her big day preparations and now she has to start all over again in the dating pool. But it shouldn’t be too hard for a beautiful girl like her!

Over the years there have been many celeb couples who were supposed to walk down the aisle, but never made it down. One day they were living in pre-marital bliss and the next they were single.

Check out some of our favorite celebs like Kanye West, Katie Holmes and Hugh Hefner who have all been slated to wed, but didn’t end up making it!


Kanye West broke it off with his fiance Alexis Phifer after being engaged for 18 months. Kanye allegedly dug the knife in deeper when he asked her for the ring back. Ouch!


Katie Holmes and Chris Klein called off their engagement just 14 months after they got engaged. The couple was together for five years. Katie is now married to Tom Cruise.


Crystal Harris did Hugh Hefner dirty when she canceled the wedding just five days before the ceremony.


‘Bennifer’ also known as the union between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck split after 18 months of dating. The two had a wedding planned for September 14th, 2004. 


Tara Reid and Carson Daly called off their engagement after dating for 17 months.


Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston called off their engagement not once, but twice. Too bad for Levi, who has Bristol’s name tattooed on his ring finger.


Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong stunned us when they split only five months after announcing their engagement. Lance stated the breakup was due to Sheryl’s strong desire to have a baby and he wasn’t ready.

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