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Ryan Leslie is one of the most intelligent artists in the game.

Not only does he boast the honors of having a degree from Harvard University, but he’s damn near a musical genius. 

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GlobalGrind sat down with Ryan to find out what was next with his company NextSelection. Ryan revealed a few interesting things about what he has up his sleeve, and one of his big ideas has to do with producing movies. 

Find out what’s next for Ryan in the exclusive below!

GlobalGrind: What direction are you taking NextSelection?

Ryan Leslie: All of the efforts of my comp now are focused on making this project successful. And success is not measured by metrics of sales. Success is really measured by how do we most effectively and efficiently fund the crazy and entrepreneurial artistic vision that I have for this and make it something that is relevant and something that is going to be impactful culturally. So that’s really the focus of my company now. And should we be able to do this successfully, we can obviously scale it to other clients.

Where do you see the company in the next 5 to 10 years? If you had to look to the future, is there an ideal place that you would want to be?

In so much as the focus of the company is on this project, I’m very interested in expanding into feature films.

Where did your interest in that peak and what do you hope to get out of it?

Who doesn’t love movies? I think all of us love movies. I think all of us love great stories. I think all of us love great stories that reflect the resilience and passion of the human spirit. And so that’s what I’m interested in in portraying. And I think the first film will be a Purple Rain-esque, autobiographical fiction film.

So if you aren’t playing yourself in the movie, who would play you?

I would love Will Smith. I feel like I’m two degrees of separation away from them. It would probably be a couple of people though, because we would need young Ryan too!

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