Say It Ain’t So! Mermaids Don’t Exist! (DETAILS)

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    The question as to whether mermaids are real or not was recently put to rest as a U.S. scientific agency confirmed the sea creatures do not exist.

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    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have confirmed there is no evidence that the half-human, half-fish beings are a genuine living species.

    The agency made a statement last week clarifying that the sea species is not real after they received a few calls following a fictional Animal Planet show called Mermaids: The Body Found that confused some viewers as fact.

    After the May airing of the fiction show, designed to have a format similar to a documentary, some viewers had called the NOAA to learn more about the creatures.

    The agency released a statement under its Ocean Facts section putting the theories to rest.

    How many of yall believed that?


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