Chris Brown’s Life Is A Living Hell, But You Shouldn’t Feel Sorry For Him

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    Think about the worst thing you’ve done when you were a teenager. 

    Imagine that the thing you did haunted you for the rest of your life. Imagine if everywhere you turned, that teenage mistake was there staring you in the face. 

    Imagine that no matter what you did, people brought it up. Who cares if you put on a charity event for AIDS, or were Best Buddies with underprivileged kids … you’re a woman beater. Who gives a damn that you stood up to cancer for those crippled by the disease, you’re an angry monster. Pass out turkeys, put on a toy drive, served soup to homeless folks, or donated thousands of dollars to help save a small church visited by Jesus himself – when you were 19 years old you brutally beat a woman, that makes you a monster. 

    This is the reality for Chris Brown.

    His lawyer said he’s never seen someone so tortured by the justice system. Sure, Chris has flown off the handle numerous times for God knows why. Do I think he has an anger issue? Absolutely. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. 

    But does he deserve to be crucified by people for the rest of his life? Hell no! We’ve all made mistakes when we were a teenager. Grand theft auto when you stole you mother’s car and crashed it into a building. Break-in and entry when you snuck into the school and changed your grades on your report card. Add perjury to that last charge as well. 

    My point is that we all do pretty stupid things, pretty dangerous things, when we are young and dumb. Chris is no different.

    But I don’t think he deserves sympathy. I don’t think people should feel sorry for him. I do think people should empathize with him.

    Not only does he have to deal with the added pressure of haters constantly attacking him in a social media-driven world, he doesn’t have the option of letting his demons affect him.

    Everywhere he goes, everything he does, he’s forced to relive someone else’s version of his truth, because only two people know the whole story of what happened that night. The other person involved, Rihanna, already forgave him. 

    So what does Chris do? Nothing. No one is going to feel sorry for him, even though I think he somehow expects people to indeed feel sorry for him. 

    No one cares if he’s tortured; no one cares if he’s haunted. No one is going to let him forget the horrible thing he did to Rihanna. Even if he’s apologetic down to his core. No matter what he does, he will never be able to live it down. 

    I could never imagine. I hope I never have to imagine that. For his reality is worst than living on Elm Street, or going to Camp Crystal Lake. It’s a reality no one should wish on anyone. 

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