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On twitter, my new favorite hangout, fridays are called ‘follow friday’ where users give suggestions of friends to follow. This Friday I am thrilled to say people are following their hearts! In my heart today is Tila Tequilla (follow her at @officialTila)- who has contributed greatly to what is already a monumental week for animals and the people who fight the good fight for them. Our blogger, Tila Tequilla, trumped all of our other celebrity bloggers by handing in the most viewed and commented blog in the history of Global Grind on the subject of animal abuse

Overnight, more and more people were introduced to the horrors of the fur trade, all because she had the heart to speak up. Then, this morning I was just speaking to my friend Dan Mathews, VP of Peta, who told me that America’s first lady, Michelle Obama and France’s first lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy have declared themselves FUR FREE!!! This day marks a shift in human consciousness.  We are finally, after years of going head to head with the fur industry, changing the way the world views fur.  It is no longer being viewed as a way to floss and show off your status or bank account- it is now a billboard of cruelty on people’s back.  So, on Follow Friday I celebrate these victories with all my friends in the animal rights movement and now I will do what I always do, put my head down and get back to work.

We have very very far to go until all animals are liberated from pain and suffering..but dare I say, we are on our way.

-Russell Simmons