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I just saw a video from our pals over at Forbez about rapper Nicki Minaj turning down King Magazine’s offer for a photo spread. 

Being the nosy s.o.b. I am, I wanted to know if the hype was to be believed. Therefore, I put in a few calls to see if this was true. As it turns out, it was sort of factual but you be the judge.

Blackspot: Hey, I heard that Nicki Minaj was supposed to be in King before it folded.

Former KING Editor: We always talked about her down the line like when she gets more national recognition. We never thought enough people knew her.

Blackspot: You see that link I just showed you with her interview?

Former King Editor: We did a front-of-the-book piece on her but we never put an offer out about a shoot.

Blackspot: Oh snap!

Former King Editor: I know where this is coming from. Someone tweeted that she would have gotten a KING cover if it was still out and I said yessir…meaning down the line. But when the magazine was in print, no offer ever, no cover.