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Y’all need to let my Uncle Rush be great. Yesterday on his Rush Limbaugh blog Russell had to go in on a commenter who accused him of only dating white women. Then it happened, Russell responds: 

‘Thats pure bullsh*t I prefer funny, charming and yes beautiful women. I like black, black African women like Ms Tanzania, Flaviana, or Kiara, and i like french african like Noemie Lemoir. I like African American women like Porschla and Katie Rost I like , no LOVE, Asian/Black women like my children AND Kimora Lee. Oh and I like swedish women like my old girl Tova Johannsen. I like blond Texas girls like my ex girl Julie I like danish girls like Heidi Albertson I like Puerto Ricans like Heidy Alliende I could go but the point is made.

I’m sick of racist self hating women suggesting that I prefer this and that. I prefer hot funny charming non cigarette smoking, NON fur wearing women from any place in the world oh yeah that indian actress Malika Sherawatt is f*ckin hot.’ Russell Simmons

So there you have it, Uncle Rush likes all types of women so let’s kill the he only dates white women nonsense. So with all that said, enjoy the women.


Malika Sherawat



Russell & Kiara

Julie Henderson

Ms Tanzania Flaviana
Russell & Noemie
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